Court Usage

FOR OPEN PLAY ON COURTS: There is a player sign-up board near court #4. It is intended to give everyone a chance to take their turn on an open court, and to efficiently keep courts in use. Procedure: Each sign-up box requires 4 players’ clothes pins with players name BEFORE the next slot can have any names entered.If only one or two people are signed up on the board to play and are waiting for additional people to sign up with them, we ask that the next group of four that wants to sign up to wait until the group in front of them is filled. In other words, do not sign up 4 people leaving a partially full group in front of you. Be considerate of weaker players, try to teach newer players to play better if they want help.We were all beginners at one time.NOTE: The COURT USAGE SCHEDULE is posted on this site and at locations at the courts. You can easily see when courts are designated for open play, as well as the many events available to members.

VO Court Usage Key