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VO Pickleball Club-General Meeting 19, March 2013.

Meeting was called to order at 4:00PM at the Courts by President Curtis Martin. Members present was Lorreen Ilott, Wayne Thorson, Kathryn Frantz, Ron Tofani, and Richard Graft. Invocation given by Charlie Crouse.

SECRETARY REPORT: Report was distributed to the membership prior to the meeting.. Approved by Lanny Paul and Ernie Treichel.

TREASURER REPORT: $3,399.50. More expenses to come with “Everything goes sale“.

SUNSHINE CARDS: Cards sent to: Lisa Raulin, Rick Bell, Marilyn Andrus, and Don Medinger.


417 with 110 new members. 25 more members than 2011, 60 more members than 2010.

PRESIDENTS REPORT: The President introduced the nominees; Marilyn Andrus, Muriel Harkness, Gary Johnson, and Ralph Zagrzebski. Court Options-Report from Planning Committee. New courts are planned by the Planning committee to be placed in the Maintenance area. Other Options: Temporary courts on tennis courts 7&8; however, the surface is unsatisfactory for Pickleball. The courts behind the laundry are also unsatisfactory. Another option includes two courts: back by maintenance for ladders, reserve play, and clinics. These courts would be temporary. If we can’t get temporary courts the schedules will have to be revised next season.



ELECTION: Ours new Board members are Gary Johnson and Ralph Zagrzebski.

SURVEY: It was suggested to put out a survey for our club during off season. Kathy Blitgen agreed to put it on the computer.

DUES: Ewald Kunstle made a suggestion to raise the yearly dues to $20.00 per person for next season. A show of hands agreed to the increase.

NEW EQUIPMENT: New chairs and more cleaning wands and a water bottle faucet spouts will be purchased for next season.

VOLUNTEERS: President Martin thanked all the volunteers of the club. Many people were thanked by name.

Meeting adjourned at 4:55 P.M. Ewald Kunstle made the motion and seconded by Al Geiger.

Respectfully submitted.

Kathryn Frantz, Secretary

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