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General Info

Court Etiquette: There are 6 Pickleball courts and sometimes 50 or more people on the courts or waiting to play. There is a sign up board near the entrance to court 3 in the court yard. The sign up board enables groups to be ready to go to an open court without any delay in play. The board has 6 spaces for groups to sign up. In most cases players prefer to sign up with four people of the same skill level or possibly  four ladies or 4 men will sign up in groups. This is not always the case however. If only one or two people are signed up on the board to play and are waiting for additional people to sign up with them, we ask that the next group of four that wants to sign up to wait until the group in front of them is filled before signing up. In other words do not sign up 4 people leaving a partially fill group in front of you. Be considerate of weaker players, try to teach newer players to play better if they want help. 
We were all beginners at one time

Guest Passes:  Venture Out Pickleball tries to promote pickleball in our park in various ways including lessons, fundraisers, displays at the center, etc.  We also promote pickleball in the surrounding area by visiting and playing at other parks.  Many people come to our park to purchase equipment and learn how our 'more developed' club functions. It is unfortunate that we are unable to invite other parks to come to our park to play more often then we do. With our limited 6 courts and membership growing towards 400 members, it is not fair to invite outside players to play on our courts when there may often be 30/40 people signed up waiting to play. If you would like to invite an outside group to our park it would be best to consult with one of the board members to see what days and times are better. The person inviting the guests should be responsible to see that they have purchased name tags, wear them on the courts, have appropriate shoes and observe the court rules and guidelines.