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    Safe travels and see you next season!!

    See "2014 East Valley Tournament" link for November's tournament.

    Spain Pickleball Tours:


    I'd like to let you and your fellow Venture Out Pickleball Club members know about a new pickleball tour called Viva Spain Pickleball Tours. I developed the tour in response to the many requests that I received from North American pickleball players asking me to create a trip combining sightseeing in Spain and pickleball with the locals. In addition we've invited an expert pickleball coach (Chris Thomas and Timothy Nelson) to join us on each tour to run clinics and other playing activities.


    The first two tours are now open for registration. They're scheduled for September of 2014 and space is limited to 35 travelers on each tour. Players of all levels are welcome, as are accompanying non-pickleball-players. Detailed tour information and registration forms are on the webpage.



    Video: Madrid & Central Spain Pickleball Tour


    I'd appreciate if you could share this email with others in your club that might be interested in joining one of the tours, either in September 2014 or in 2015 (tour dates TBD). Interested travelers can contact me with questions either by email or by phone. Although I'm in Spain I have a U.S. phone number (listed on the webpage). I may not always answer the call, but I promise to return the calls as soon as possible. 


    The tours are going to be a great experience for all as we will explore some fascinating cities while playing pickleball and getting to know the locals on and off the court.


    I look forward to hearing back from you and am glad to answer any questions you or your club members may have.


    Birthday Boys

                   Some interesting information:
    “Things are about to change dramatically for some snowbirds. U.S. and Canadian authorities will be making changes to the way they determine the residency of individuals that spend time in the U.S. and Canada. Not being aware of these changes could result in harsh tax consequences.
    The changes that come into effect June 30 are part of the Entry-Exit Initiative and Perimeter Security and Competitiveness Plan.”



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