Weekend Scrambles & Winners

The Saturday morning scramble is a popular event. There is a limit of players in each group...A Division, B Division 40+. Please keep in mind if you sign up you need to show up and at least 10 minutes before start time.

The scramble is divided into 3 groups, the A group is for players with a strong 3.5, 3.65, 3.75 skill level. The B group is for players with a low 3.5 skill level and below. 4.0+ is for 4.0 and higher. If you need advice on which group to sign up in,the scramble directors can assist you.

Players must be a member of the club to participate.

The day of the scramble, each group (A, B, 4.0+) are divided in half. The lower skilled players in each group are randomly paired with a higher skilled player. This generally results in fairly even teams. But it is a draw and its possible to get a weaker player. The scramble directors do the best they can to know the players and split the groups. The scramble is a fun event and is generally enjoyed by all who play it. If you have a problem with possibly getting a weaker player, perhaps you should not play in the scramble.

The start times are staggered so be sure to check the board to know when you start. It generally ends before noon, but may go longer.

Sign up for Division A & B & 4.0+ are on SignUpGenius.

Scramble directors: Steve Powell, Kathy Blitgen, Marilyn Andrus

C Division will still sign up on the white board at the courts and play on Monday mornings. Director: Tere Ross

The Sunday Skill Level Tournament has three start times,9 AM, 11 PM and 1 PM. Players sign up in groups of 8 in the skill level they they play at. Each group of 8 plays a round robin, (each player plays one game to 7 with each of the players in the group). Each round robin lasts about 2 hours. Sign up using SignUpGenius. If not on SUG, contact Cory Hansen and give her your email address.

Tournament Directors: Cory Hansen

2021-2022 Scramble Winners