Ladder Play

There are several Pickleball activities for those who enjoy more competition including Saturday Scrambles, Sunday Skill Level Play and the Weekly Ladder.

The Venture Out Pickleball Ladder play is intended to provide competitive matches between players of similar abilities. Once per week players in groups of four play a match of three games to 15 points. In the three games, each player will partner with each of the other three players. The player with the most total points in the three games advances to the next higher group (i.e. climbs the ladder) and the player with the least points drops to the next lower rung of the ladder. When new players join the ladder, the Ladder committee will try to insert the player into the ladder at a level appropriate to their skill. Players may leave and return to the ladder by signing off and signing back on. Each week the schedule is posted on Saturday at the courts for play the following week (Tuesday or Wednesday). A group may reschedule a match if a player cannot make a scheduled time and if all the other players in the group are contacted and agree to the change. If no agreement is possible, the player then must arrange a substitute.

The Ladder is managed by a Committee composed of Paul Raths, Tom VanSweringen, Norm Anton, Laurie Vasey and Maryann Dahmer.