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The Suggestion Box

The Suggestion Box

Your Club’s Board of Directors welcomes input and suggestions from members directly or through the Suggestion Box at the courts. The board will attempt to address all inputs. The following are responses to received suggestions, and will be added & updated as appropriate.

Received in the Suggestion Box:

“As we leave VO after 2 months, we want to take the time to thank everyone that volunteers to make VO Pickleball so fun.” They went on to specifically thank everyone from social organizers to event chairs to cooks & lemonade makers to instructors, refs, awards, etc, etc.

BOARD RESPONSE: Thanks for taking the time to compliment all the very deserving members who do make our Club so great.

Suggestion: Post more Calendar of Events for reference.

BOARD RESPONSE: We are adding more notices & court schedules, and we try to get all schedules updated on the website. Thanks.

Suggestion: Add lights or similar signals for each court to indicate when each court is open for play.

BOARD RESPONSE: While signals could certainly facilitate quicker court access, we feel the costs to implement, particularly given electrical issues, would be prohibitive. Thanks for the thought.

Suggestion: Have a wheel chair at the courts to help a slightly injured person off the courts.

BOARD RESPONSE: There is, unfortunately, a potential liability issue. We are looking into how to accommodate simple assistance when calling 911 is not appropriate. Thanks.

Suggestions: Move the entrance gates on court 7. Add another ball holder.

BOARD RESPONSE: Admittedly, the gates are not in the most efficient locations. Unfortunately, the costs to move the gates are extraordinarily high, because the overall integrity of the fencing would be impacted. For now we can consider the door placements as opportunity for an extra few steps of exercise.

Another ball holder will be installed.

Suggestion: Change the rating procedures for players.

BOARD RESPONSE: A new rating system will be discussed at the next general meeting.