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Group Play Schedule


1. The committee will conduct the drawing and assignments of the groups in the Spring (March) A Board Member must be present.

2. It will be a random draw from a box/hat that contains all requests.

3. Group Captains will list their name and phone number, the name of their group, and the names of the people in their group.

4. You must have a minimum of six people. If you have twelve or more people in your group you may list them as two teams on a single entry in order to get the same day and time to play together.

5. You need to look at the Court Usage Chart for Group Play times and then the captain will list their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices (day and time)

6. If all three choices are taken when you are drawn, you will be assigned the closest time to your choices.

7. After the schedule is set an e-mail will be sent to the membership with the group times and the captains’ names and phone numbers.

8. Group captains may contact each other to switch times if they are agreeable and then inform the group coordinator.

9. There will be a new draw every year.